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19' Ford CamperVan Club Wagon (VFCCW1995) Reliable, Alaska proven, Passenger camper van with full size bed, includes portable propane stove, Cooler, Basic pot/pan/plates/bowls/cups/utensils, unlimited miles, optional bedding package, optional insurance, more. Seat belt configuration is available for 2-8 people.

The Ford Camper Van  is an excellent choice for your Alaskan RV vacation. It has inside storage space underneath the bed and bench seat and other areas inside the van.

This unit is a passenger van with two bucket seats up front, a removable bench seat and a full size bed in the rear as the normal configuration. It can be outfitted to have two rows of three seat belt bench seats and the two bucket seats up front for a total of 8 seat belts and a full size bed in the back that sleeps two. So this unit can be easily configured at the lot two, five or eight seat belts. Please tell me your preference upon booking or prior to departure. 

 The windows have curtains around the bed/sleeping area to provide privacy. There is extra floor area to sleep up to two more people. 

Van come equipped with a cooler, portable propane stove, pot and pan, glasses, plates, bowls, and utensils. It also comes with two folding chairs. 

The Ford Chassis is well maintained and Alaskan proven. It will travel up and down Alaskan highways all summer long.

Year:1995, Engine: 5.8LV8, Transmission: Automatic, Air conditioner: console,  sleeps 2+: Rear  Bed sleeps  2, plus floor space.

Optional Bedding package: includes: up to 2 sets of sheets, 2 comforters, 4 pillows, 4 towels

Pickup/drop off: We offer complimentary Anchorage airport or hotel pick up and drop off from 7AM to 10 PM. There is a small fee if you need us outside of these hours.

Optional clean and wash fee: Please return vehicle freshly cleaned or with advance notice and a small fee, we will clean the inside and wash the outside.

Optional insurance: Your automotive insurance on our camper van is preferred. We will need a written binder from your insurance company. Many insurance companies will provide this at no cost to you. For a fee, our vehicle insurance includes collision, comprehensive, and liability with a $500 deductible.

ALL units are required to be returned with topped off gasoline tank.

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