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Ready for an Adventure? Rent a Van in Anchorage, AK and Hit the Road!

If you are looking for an amazing adventure, consider renting a campervan and traveling starting from Anchorage, Alaska. Before you decide upon a van, check out some of the tips below to ensure you get the best vehicle for your upcoming trip.

Know Whether There is a Minimum Rental Requirement or Not

Just as there is with RV rentals and hotels, many campervan agreements require you to rent it for a minimum number of days. It is rare to be able to rent a van for just one-night rentals, so know exactly how many days you need to rent it for before you agree to finalize the agreement and purchase the rental. At Alaska Family Motorhomes, we have a three day minimum.

Be Aware of the Pickup and Dropoff Times

For those who have never rented a van before, many van rental companies will schedule for you to pick up your rental van on the afternoon of the first day of your rental and have you drop it off before 12 pm local time on the last day of your rental. Keep in mind that the rental van companies have to have time to clean and sanitize the vehicle before the next customer takes it out; this is why most companies will have you pick up your van in the afternoon and have you drop it off before noon. Therefore, plan your trip accordingly that your first and last days of rental will not be full days of having the vehicle. At Alaska Family Motorhomes, we allow early pickup in AM of first day and return by 5 PM of the last day. We also have options for after hours pickups and drop offs.

Contact us with any questions you have about our inventory and what we recommend for your upcoming trip through Anchorage. We will help to make sure you have a trip you will remember for a lifetime!

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